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It’s no surprise that weed management is a key issue for the agriculture industry, 一些杂草繁殖,对田地造成严重破坏, 对传统除草剂应用产生抗药性.

但你知道吗,平均来说, farmers spend about four hours a week planning their weed management program and thinking about pigweed resistance?

This is according to a recent market research survey by Kynetec, sponsored by BASF. The study looked specifically at pigweed resistance management perceptions and protocols among Soybean, Corn, Cotton & 在中西部,东南部和三角洲种植水稻的农民.


除草也是当务之急, nearly two-thirds of farmers reported experiencing resistance issues in their fields, 主要是最近3-6年. 不足为奇的是, 最受关注的杂草包括帕尔默苋, 杂草和marestail, 根据调查.

That said, determining the best course of action for managing resistant pigweeds was viewed as difficult or at least somewhat difficult by two-thirds of farmers. “令人沮丧的, 具有挑战性的, tough, difficult and never ending” were some of the words these farmers used to describe their experience combatting resistant pigweeds.

这种困难是由各种原因造成的, 包括确定最佳的产品选择, 处理天气变量, determining appropriate application timing and addressing other unknown factors/changes with the seasons. 而农民目前可能对杂草感到沮丧, most indicated a willingness to adapt and adopt new weed control practices to help combat these difficult weeds. 事实上,88%的人非常或一般地愿意这样做.


幸运的是, farmers are not alone when it comes to addressing and improving the issue of weeds and weed resistance, 哪些会影响作物健康, yields, profits, etc.

帮助农民提高产量, lessen future input costs and create more long-term sustainability for their operation and the industry, 更多的教育和支持是关键. This is driven home further by the fact that the survey not only showed that farmers found weed control difficult, but nearly half waited until weeds were larger than recommended for crop protection applications.

这是“除草行动”的重点, a BASF-led, 全行业首创驱动零容忍, 根除藜草的心态,帮助农民提高成果.

文化的混合, mechanical, chemical and diligence-related practices are needed to control resistant pigweed. For the chemistry aspect of weed control, BASF recommends that farmers take a STOP approach. 这包括以下内容:

  • 开始清洁,保持清洁. 在种植前控制杂草,并在整个季节中脱除
  • T -目标杂草. 小杂草在结籽前更容易控制
  • O -优化覆盖范围. Follow the correct rate, water volume and nozzle recommendations for optimum droplet size
  • 有残差的P -对. 使用多个有效部位的行动前和后残差

The STOP approach can help farmers reduce weed problems by leveraging a full-program approach to managing the season’s weeds (including pre-emergence and post-emergence applications), 将残留除草剂分层作为计划的一部分, 并结合多种行动模式.

提前计划,提前预算 对种植者的短期和长期都有好处. BASF recommends that farmers start with a pre-residual herbicide and be sure to utilize a post-residual herbicide along with knockdown to address late-season weed control.

Pre-emergent herbicides can help protect yield at the early vegetative stages, 有效控制杂草残留. Weeds can directly reduce yield by competing for light, moisture and nutrients. Running a pre-emergent residual can help defend yield when weather or workload delays post-emergent herbicide applications. 

它们就像一份保险,防止早熟杂草的生长, giving farmers more flexibility for successful post-herbicide applications later in the season. A weed that can’t emerge won’t turn into a weed that’s difficult to control later. This is especially important when it comes to weeds like pigweed and waterhemp, 可以生产250个,每株植物有超过000个种子.

农民们应该考虑升级到一个持久的前突发性. Zidua® PRO herbicide offers fast and complete burndown with up to two weeks longer residual than many competitive products. With built-in resistance management and no planting restrictions on most soil types, 它在需要的时候和地方处理藜草.

但农民不能也不应该就此止步. 而许多杂草可能在季节早期出现,然后停止发芽, 藜草品种往往在整个季节出现, meaning farmers may see a clean field in June/July but a field full of weeds in August.

喷洒除草剂后,杂草控制不会停止. 藜草整个季节都在发芽, 尤其是在比较温暖的客户中, so having a plan in place to address late-season weeds is a crucial aspect of managing the spread of resistance.

来处理这些后期的杂草, farmers should consider adding a residual component to their post-emergent application as a key element of a tank mix. This approach gives farmers what they need for currently emerged weeds plus future protection at the same time.

例如, dicamba-tolerant大豆, farmers can select a post-herbicide such as Engenia® herbicide then add Zidua® SC herbicide for additional support. Engenia herbicide provides broadleaf weed control while Zidua SC herbicide offers superior waterhemp and Palmer amaranth performance. Zidua SC也可以跨越所有的性状,而不仅仅是抗虫药.

农民的另一个选择是Liberty®除草剂和Outlook®除草剂. Liberty herbicide delivers superior weed control across multiple trait systems while Outlook herbicide gives farmers the advantage of only needing a quarter inch of water to activate.

如需更多新时代赌场com推荐除草剂产品的信息,农民可以访问 http://agriculture.basf.us/crop-protection.html.

Where Farmers Can Find Additional Resources for Managing Resistant Palmer and Waterhemp in their Row Crops

为需要或想要额外支持的农民, 除草行动可以为他们提供所需的资源.

通过访问 www.operationweederadication.com,务农人士可在此找到以下窍门和资讯:

  • Cultural and Mechanical Practices – Narrow rows, cover crops, crop rotation, tillage and cultivation
  • Chemical Control and Traits – Traits, sites of action, complete program, proper application
  • 勤劳根除——非农区,清洁设备,手淫
  • Farmer Journey Fields – Shared experiences on journey toward pigweed eradication

The site also includes additional resources to help farmers combat problem pigweed in row crops, 包括讲义, articles and scorecards to help with their individual situations and operations.

最后, when farmers are spending their four hours a week thinking about weed management, they should think about BASF track record of providing farmers with innovative weed control solutions to help not only with yield ad quality, 还有阻力管理, 为了一个成功的田地和季节.

英属除草剂是一种新型除草剂.S. EPA限制使用农药. 一定要阅读和遵循标签说明. Engenia®, Liberty®, Outlook® and Zidua® are registered trademarks of BASF. ©2021年巴斯夫公司. 保留所有权利.